YLEO to Support Parents and Children during Vaccination Period

YLEO to Support Parents and Children during Vaccination Period

Vaccination period can be uncomfortable, both to the recipient (i.e. babies and children) and caregivers. Most of the time, it’s a breeze without so much fuss. But some times…. just some times, it can be taxing on both sides.
Few vaccinations are COMPULSORY by Singapore Law. It’s unavoidable. But I can support body system with YL products.
Common vaccination aftermath is fever.

Fever is the sign of body fighting infections. In this case, the infections are caused by the weakened virus inserted to the body by vaccination. The presence of a fever is usually related to stimulation of the body’s immune response. Fever can support the immune system’s attempt to gain advantage over infectious agents, such as viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, it allows the body to be less favorable as a host for replicating viruses and bacteria which are temperature sensitive. The hypothalamus which sits at the base of the brain, acts as the body’s thermostat. When it receives signal that there is infection, it tells the body to generate and retain more heat thus producing a fever to slow down the rate of infection.

Children typically get higher and quicker fevers which reflects the inexperienced immune system.
I was told by the nurse that temperature 38.5 °C could be cooled down by natural methods instead of using paracetamol.

  • Cold compress in the armpits area, forehead, behind neck and groin area.
  • Give popsicle bit by bit.
  • Let the child drink plenty of water.
  • Bath with lukewarm water (around 37°C) for 5 – 10 minutes, quickly wrap in warm towel, and dry.
  • Use essential oil to make child comfortable.

Some vaccines contain heavy metal. I will use Helichrysum on soles. It’s been a breeze journey so far for our family during vaccination period and I hope it can be the same for you too.
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