Emotional Health and Frequencies of YLEOs

Emotional Health and Frequencies of YLEOs

Our body emits certain frequency. Normal frequency of the healthy body is 62 to 68 MHz. Negative emotions has frequency of 50 – 56 MHz. Have you ever feel happier when you are with someone with positive attitude but sadder or more stressed with someone who keeps complaining or whining? That’s how your body is so tuned with frequency emitted by other person close range to you.
In Missing Link, Gary Young mentioned that disease begins at 58 MHz. Flu starts at 57, Candida at 55, and cancer at 42. What this tells us is when we do things in our lives that compromise the frequency in the humand body, we can become a victim. Essential oils re-establish the normal frequency of the human cells (documented at Eastern State University).
Our food also has certain frequency. Canned food is at 0 (that’s right, ZERO!), fresh produce at 15 MHz, dry herbs at 12-22 MHz, and YLEOs start at 52 MHz. Idaho Blue Spruce has the highest frequency at 580 MHz and Rose has the second highest at 320 MHz. Some oils have frequencies higher than 100 MHz, such as Lavender (favourite!), Joy, Gentle Baby, Sacred Mountain, Thieves, Grounding, Endoflex, En-R-Gee, Myrrh, Peace and Calming, and others.
Oils with higher frequency will affect the emotion more strongly. Some people could not take it. In the extreme case, they will feel dizzy, nauseous or even vomit upon smelling certain high frequency oils. If this happens, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this article. Some only hate the smell. But actually the oils will help the persons emotionally. They just need to get used to it. Here are some tips.

  1. Put it on the soles for 2 weeks twice a day with socks on.
  2. Open the bottle, put it on the countertop while you put on make-up, brush teeth, etc. If the smell bothers you, put the lid on. Repeat until the smell no longer bothers you.
  3. Carry the bottle in your pocket for few days, then try to smell it again.

Remember, the oils with frequencies more than 100 MHz will help to increase the frequency of the person. That’s why you will feel happier, more relax, and all positive feelings upon inhaling and/or applying. Follow the guidelines of usage of YLEOs here for the first timers.
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