Emotional Health – part 1 (with Feelings Kit usage)

Emotional Health – part 1 (with Feelings Kit usage)

Do you know that being negative can affect your overall health? Negative feelings such as worry, fear, anger, grief, and stress affect the organs in the body. Below is the chart on negative emotions cycle in the body.
emotions negative cycle

ANGER  weakens LIVER
GRIEF weakens LUNG

I have few friends who had emotional detox with Lavender and Peace and Calming. When she used Lavender by applying on the chest and inhaling to help her sleep, she had vivid dreams. Lavender did not relax her AT ALL! She repeated again, and same thing happened. I told her that’s it’s probably the oil tried to pull out the negative emotions from her limbic system. There was a time she had prolonged cough and she came to my house to do ZYTO scan. Her first result was Lavender! Long story short, now she has better experience with Lavender.
The emotions can be buried deep inside a person without he/she realizes it. Those emotions might be one of the reasons why he/she keeps falling sick. The sickness could even be triggered by certain events. For example, prolonged cough is sometimes not due to lung health, but it can be stemmed from the anger stored in the liver.
The key is not to suppress these emotions. Choose a quiet space and use Feelings Kit from Young Living or just use Release followed by 3 Wise Men to bring the emotions into surface. You might feel you get angered easily for first few times. Trust me, I know! I used Release and I felt like I wanted to shoot down everyone who offended me that day. Afterwards, I used oils which I would be happy with, such as Believe, Transformation, Gratitute, etc. CHOOSE your happy oils!
Here are the details on how to use Feelings Kit, thanks to my friend Ah-Ting for writing this up for me.

  1. Valor – for grounding of emotions as well as our energy in the body it’s called Courage oil in a bottle. To balance the energies and instill courage, confidence and self-esteem. Apply on heart area, chest, shoulders and feet with a drop on top of the heart for alignment of whole body energy.
  1. Harmony – promotes physical and emotional healing. Creates a harmonic balance for the body and brings us into harmony with all things, people and cycle of life. Also reduce stress and feeling of discords. Uplift the mind creating positive attitude. Apply on edge of ears, wrists, neck, temples and over heart.
  1. Forgiveness – blend to release hurt feelings and negative emotions as well as negative memories, allowing one to move past the emotional barriers, assisting to forgive and let go. Sometimes we let go of certain decisions that we make but cannot forgive ourselves. This will support in creating higher awareness to forgive ourselves, let it go and move on. Apply on behind the ears, wrists, neck, navel, heart and the brain stem or can inhale with eyes closed.
  1. Inner child – stimulates memory response and help to connect with inner self or identity to finding emotional balance. Also to bring back the memories of feeling of childhood free from any emotional baggage or confusion which usually occurs during midlife crisis. Apply on ears, neck, wrists or temple. For me personally, I strongly recommend putting a drop on the thumb, put into the mouth, close my eyes and suck like a baby. Imagine myself the emotion of feeling safe, happy of being child.
  1. Release – helps to release anger, memory trauma from the liver in order to create emotional well-being as well as release deep-seated trauma. Apply over liver, ears, heart, and brain stem or anywhere you feel most disturbed. I would usually also apply to soles of my feet at night when I sleep to assist further release.
  1. Present Time – creates a feeling of being in yet moment. Disease develops when we live in the past with regret. Being in present is the key to progressing and moving forward. Apply to the sternum (chest bone), neck, forehead or brain stem.

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