How to get your child to eat

How to get your child to eat

Once a while, I am stuck with situation where my girl eats half than her normal portions. There were times she refused to eat. I resorted to bribery by putting her favorite food (such as cereals, cookies, chips) on top of her food. With time, I realize that I should not force her to eat if she refuses. It will only make her having traumatic experience during meal times. I have learned these tricks along the way. You’re welcome to add in if you have tips 🙂

  1. Relax during meal time. Don’t feel like it’s a job you have to do but take it as bonding time with your kid. Remember, kid can detect your uneasiness and it will reflect in his/her appetite during meal.
  2. Focus on the kid, not on the phone or other things. I know it can be boring when the kid chews very slowly. That’s why I try to engage in interesting conversation during meal time. *I am still guilty of using phone but I try to reduce it*
  3. Try to cook new food once a while. I often ask my friends what they cook for their kids and plan for the meal in a week.
  4. Eat out once a while. I find my girl enjoys eating out and interact with people, so I make it a habit to go out once a while. Visiting her favorite dining places makes her happy. When she’s happy, she eats a lot.
  5. If she eats little during one meal, I will not give her any snacks in between until the next meal. I don’t want her to develop habit that she still can eat snacks even though she’s not finishing her meal.
  6. I add in Young Living Essential Oils as well as Ning Xia Red as described below.

I am not an advocate in multivitamins for children below 4 years old. I was told it could burden their heart. I am also not keen in giving supplements to boost appetite as it will result in overeating in later years. This has happened to several people I know. You will not see the effect now, only few years after.
Note: there is a chance that kids who drink milk will not eat as much as their peers who don’t. Use your own judgment. Children will not starve themselves. They will ask for food if they are hungry. However, observation is very important. Do consult professional medical practitioners if you suspect there is serious eating disorder.
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