Healthy hair

Healthy hair

As a parent, I was worried when I saw my baby’s hair dropped on when she’s 8 months old. My husband assured that’s normal. But still, I did not want to see so much of her hair on the bed and I wanted at least to do something. So I asked my upline about this and she said I could try Young Living Lavender essential oil.
The first time I tried on her, she became fussy but soon I discovered, that’s because she wanted to latch to sleep because she became sleepy. So I decided to apply just before her nap(s) and night time.
I opened the bottle, use my finger to swipe the top of the bottle (the orifice), and gentle massage her scalp during latching.
After using for close to 2 weeks, I noticed less hair on the bed (well, my husband will say her “hair-shedding” already ended) and her hair became shinier and blacker. That’s great bonus!

I still use YL Lavender on her scalp here and then for her healthy hair. She’s now 3 years + and has shiny, black, and long hair.
Oh, I also have recipes for healthy hair for adult:

  1. Cedarwood.
    Method: Use 1-2 drops (with carrier oil if necessary) and massage scalp gently 1-2x a day.
  2. Lavender, Cedarwood, Clary Sage.
    Method: Same as above. Layer with 3-5 minutes apart.
  3. Use 3-5 oils and alternate them. Hair loss could be caused by hormonal imbalances. These oils help.
    Rosemary (don’t use if you have history of seizures)
    Clary Sage
    Eucalyptus Blue
    Palo Santo
  4. 2 drops V-6 with 2 drops each of Thyme, Cedarwood, Rosemary (see caution above), and Lavender and massage the areas needed gently. Use 2x a day


  • Best time to apply is after washing hair
  • Use shampoo with less chemicals inside. Young Living shampoo is recommended.

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