Do-It-Yourself Chest Rub and Hand Sanitizer

Do-It-Yourself Chest Rub and Hand Sanitizer

I have got good testimony to share.
Those came for my and Faith’s kids and babies wellness received 1 x chest rub that I made beforehand. The chest rub has
– Roman chamomile – great for calming, great for sleep. Smell is delicious
– Pine – great to ground and calm you
– Patchouli – great for skin. The smell reminds me of chinese medicine. 

So the chest rub can be used as sleeping rub and stomach rub too!
I have given few as gifts too. Feedback is positive so far
“It helps my child to have restful sleep despite having cough and flu” —> applicable to my girl also
When I made the chest rubs, I put my intentions that whoever used the rub would benefit significantly. It’s not perfect. Texture a bit grainy at first, but after few days, it has better texture. It’s my first time making more than 10 jars at one time but I had fun and more importantly, I want to give gift of health and well-being to others.
I am glad that those I presented with these rubs benefit.

My present to you is the gifts of knowledge and health


hand sanitizer
– 2 tbsp aloe vera gel (choose 99% pure)
– 1 tbsp purified/distilled/boiled water
– 1/8 tsp vit E oil
– 5 drops Thieves essential oil
chest/stomach/sleep/diaper rub
– 4 tsp beeswax ( I prob use 2-3 tsp because I want it to be softer)
– 3 tbsp cocoa/shea/mango butter
– 7 tbsp coconut oil
20 drops pine
10 drops roman chamomile
10 drops patchouli
Do note that rub recipe I only approximate. It’s not the precise method that is important, but what your intentions are smile emoticon
the reason I chose these 3 because:
– can be used on 3 mths old babies due to their gentle properties (I got feedback that 3 yrs old experienced redness after applying but 2x applying is enough for her!)
– Eucalyptus and peppermint not inside (including rc and raven) because I just want to be cautious to those sensitive to eucalyptol and menthol
– I want to give something special for my friends, so I chose Roman chamomile (been out of stock for almost 2 yrs, in stock for 1 wk in btw only), pine (told that cant be shipped to SG currently due to low flash point), patchouli (US oils)
you can make ur own blend.
ps. was told Lemon in rub is not that useful
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