FEVER is the one dreaded word. Mums/ Dads/ Caregivers will be panicked when they found out that their kids are having one. I am not excluded. The recent event has proved that it’s not easy to overcome it, but it can be done. Actually, fever is body’s immunity response to what it considers harmful (bacteria, virus, etc). Our immune system sends signal to brain to raise body’s temperature to kill them. It becomes bad if the temperature keeps rising. It means our immune system could not differentiate when to stop rising the temperature. This article is meant to give my own perspective 🙂

First and for most: KEEP CALM! We, as the main caregivers, shd be able to think clearly, logically, and calmly to assess the situation

we have to know what the cause of fever is
Without knowing it, we cant focus on the root of the problem. By not focusing, we cant give 100% effort to alleviate it. Medicine is often only treating the symptoms, not the root cause.

Diet, Diet, Diet!
Sugar (white, sucrose, fructose, for example) causes inflammation
Cow’s milk increases mucus formation
caffeine hinders the absorption of iron
Wheat reduces ability brain processing ability
Probiotics provides good bacteria to help with digestive system as well as immune system (remember that 70-80% of immune system comes from digestive system).
Enzymes helps to digest nutrients to be absorbed by body to fight pathogens. Many times, our body has difficulty digesting (especially proteins) and hence allergy might happen.
Good Minerals and Vitamins – it’s obvious
This bit should be very clear. I have to emphasize that emotions play very important roles in healing. Have u ever experience the warm soothing feeling when someone cares for you when you’re sick? A touch on forehead, a soothing voice, or just cover your love ones with blanket when they are resting. If you yourself have good feeling over it, children will feel it too. They are sensitive bunch and can pick up positive vibes from that.
I notice my girl is less cranky and calmer when I am just there… with her. Comforting and listening to her complaints…. instead of busy somewhere else (cooking be damned…. not good at that anyway. Just make some simple soup with slow cooker will do)
Aha, here’s the tricky part. Are essential oils replacing medicines? NO!
We want to advocate living above the lines. essential oils are to support our normal body function.

I myself also worried when my girl had that few days back. It just happened early morning 6 am when I touched her forehead and realized it’s a tad warm. I took thermometer and it read 37.1 C. “Ah, just slightly warm”, I thought. But I never realize that the thermometer gave wrong reading until 12 hours later!

I wondered how come her chest and back were quite warm and didn’t tally with 37 C reading. So I took another thermometer and it read 38.5C. Ok, time to panic
Breathe in and out. THINK! You see, you have to be calm because whatever emotions you project will be reflected in the child’s emotion or behavior. And it can be transferred to whatever stuff you give to your kid(s)
Essential oils that I think may help
Raindrop – this is a must! once or twice a day (I did once and it’s sufficient)
M-Bomb – pre made 24 hours before: 5 drops each of Frankincense, Copaiba, Balsam Fir (Idaho)
Well-being Blend – pre made 24 hours before: 12 drops Thieves, 6 drops oregano, 2 drops Frankincense
Melissa essential oil – check your apps and/or pocket/desk reference
Diffuse Eucalyptus Blue + Lemongrass (1:1)
Light food – rice with clear soup
Sulfurzyme – 2 x 1 capsule a day
Super C chewable – 2 x 1 tablets a day
NingXia Red – 60mL a day
Mightyzyme – 2 x 1 chewable tablets a day (Thank God I ordered this last month! )
Life5 – probiotics by Young Living. I give her 3/4 caps a day. You can get it from pharmacies as long as it’s in powder or as-it-is liquid form without any sweetener/sucrose/fructose/other sweetener
She had to poo! Apply Digize + Peppermint on tummy (note, carrier oil is used when needed)
Patchouli – “pacman” for stomach
Helichrysum /Celery Seed/ Roman Chamomile/JuvaFlex on her liver
Valor on her kidney and stomach
Lavender or Wild Lavender essential oil all over her body
Roman Chamomile on spine and chest
Cedarwood on crown, chest, spine, brain stem
Peace and Calming
other oils are in here https://greathealthstartsfromnow.wordpress.com/…/sleep-mat…/
Other thing to do
Compress with cloth soaked with lavender essential oil + water
I did not get much sleep because I monitored her temperature. Night time it spiked, but I followed the above routine as close as possible
Come morning, 24 hours from onset of fever, the storm has passed (hopefully for long long time)
Oh, to those wondering what’s the cause, I am not sure other than she complained around her ears were hurting her. so I started from there. Listen to your kid(s) and Observe. whatever it is, I am glad she’s back to her normal self.

If you want to know in details about this, you can drop me a message here or email me at deny.sentosa@gmail.com
If you are ready to purchase, you can click here I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones

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Deny Sentosa
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  • kasiati
    Posted at 06:15h, 15 March Reply

    Hi sist..artikelnya sangat membantu saya untuk lebih mengenal eo yl. Thanks
    Kalo utk ningxia red apakah pemakaiannya ketika imun sedang turun saja, kalo badan sudah sehat apa masih perlu minum ningxia red?

    • Deny Sentosa
      Posted at 07:30h, 15 March Reply

      Alow kasiati,
      Nurutku lebih baek regular ningxia red krn dia bantu badan dari atas sampai bawah. Badan gak gampang capek, enak tidur, mata lebih gak kering, dan banyak lagi 🙂

  • Byusmommie
    Posted at 16:19h, 21 March Reply

    Den. . Nanya donks… why the M-bomb and others have to pre made 24 hours before?

    • Deny Sentosa
      Posted at 02:53h, 22 March Reply

      supaya sinergi blend yg kita mix terbentuk. tapi kl emg dah urgent, pake aja sih yaaaa

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